Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a suite of products and services focused on business communication, collaboration and productivity.

Exchange 2016 Deployment

Many organizations that leverage Microsoft Exchange Server go through an upgrade cycle every few years. Exchange 2016 on-premise can be the solution for those who are not ready to jump to the cloud with Micrososoft 365-Exchange Online.

Server Virtualization

As hardware ages and companies are faced with the replacement of servers, considerations include on-premise dedicated servers, on-premise virtual servers, hosted virtual servers and private cloud solutions. Which is the right solution?

Project Methodology

Marathon Solutions has developed an internal project methodology that enables us to simplify the management of our clients' projects.

Our methodology has been developed by applying concepts from many different project management styles. The types of projects we execute can be very different and we required a system that allowed us to easily track and report project status both internally and to our clients.

The methodology we follow consists of four main phases that we apply to all projects. These phases are the review phase, the design phase, the testing phase and finally the implementation and support phase. Each project, large and small, fits into this simple methodology but the length of each phase will differ based on the project particulars.

For more information on what tasks would be included in each of our project phases please click on the project phase links below.

Phase 1 - Review

Phase 2 - Design

Phase 3 - Testing

Phase 4 - Implementation & Support

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