Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a suite of products and services focused on business communication, collaboration and productivity.

Exchange 2016 Deployment

Many organizations that leverage Microsoft Exchange Server go through an upgrade cycle every few years. Exchange 2016 on-premise can be the solution for those who are not ready to jump to the cloud with Micrososoft 365-Exchange Online.

Server Virtualization

As hardware ages and companies are faced with the replacement of servers, considerations include on-premise dedicated servers, on-premise virtual servers, hosted virtual servers and private cloud solutions. Which is the right solution?

Messaging and Directory Services

Deploying Microsoft Exchange 2016 provides new features and benefits that allow organizations to gain faster access to email and network resources.

Newly-improved database replication services, as well as improved transport processes dramatically increase Exchange 2016's performance and reliability.

For organizations that are looking to move to Microsoft Exchange 2016 on-premise or Exchange Online, we can provide expert design planning, implementation and migration services. Once an architecture design is approved, Marathon Solutions can provide the technical hands-on resources to get the project completed successfully.

Please contact us to start the discussion on your messaging infrastructure.

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